Message Rule examples. Connection Rules. Connection Rules Conditions; Connection Rules Final Actions; Connection Default Rules. Connection Rule examples. Custom Rule Data. Global Quarantine. Spam Deny List. Spam Safe List. Mailboxes. Group Management. Product Configuration. Administrators. Active Directory. SecureMail. Reports. Use cases. migrationBuilder.Sql("TRUNCATE TABLE [Blogs]", true); Note on down. I am leaning towards not being able to do the down at all. There will be no way of knowing what state this one server was in before i ran this. Tools => "Nuget Package Manager" => "Package Manager Console". Install the tool by running following command. dotnet tool install --global dotnet-ef. Summary. Entity Framework Core 5 can handle views flawlessly. You need to configure it in your DbContext class and specify that a specific entity will be mapped to the view. When that’s done, you can use a DbSet as you wish and all filters will be applied directly into generated SQL. What’s more, you can handle adding or updating the view.

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